• Three Reasons Every Freelance Creative Needs An Accountant

    Freelance working is a dream for many creatives. Actors, writers, artists and craftspeople often love the idea of not having to answer to anybody; when you work freelance, your creativity is at the centre of everything you do, and many people whose talents lie in this area are strongly motivated by the idea of setting their own schedules. The trouble starts around tax time, though: If you're not the sort of person who keeps impeccable records and has a thorough understanding of business procedure, you might find the idea of dealing with your own financial year end a daunting one.
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  • Signs It May Be Time to Hire an Accountant

    Handling your own taxes is typically legal and acceptable and is perhaps even the most popular choice for many individuals in many areas. While you might think it's the best option since it means saving the cost of hiring an accountant, sometimes it's better to rely on the services of a professional. Not only can you be assured that your taxes are done right, but you might actually wind up saving more money in the long run!
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